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  1. Admin Customizer

    Welcome to Admin Customizer - Beautify your Joomla admin!

    We’ve been working with Joomla! a lot, and we look at the Joomla! admin screens almost every single day. To be honest, it is boring. The Joomla! admin template allows us to configure some colors using its parameters, but it is quite limited and it is also very time-consuming to find a good and satisfying color scheme, is there a better/quicker way? We asked and we answered by developing a new plugin called Admin Customizer, it has the following main features:

    • Built-in 12 color scheme for you to choose from, and if you are still not satisfied with them, you can create your own.
    • Customizing back end logo and login form logo
    • Customizing login form background image
  2. AMPopup

    Pop-up windows are great for notifications about the use of cookies on your site. It is possible to use many different windows on the same page with different delay times. The module has three different templates 'Notify', 'Popup' and 'Slide' panels. You just need to insert your HTML code or fill it out using the Content Editor.

  3. OAuth Server for Joomla

    Short Description: OAuth Server (OAuth 2.0 Server) allows Single Sign-On (SSO) to your client apps with Joomla site.

    OAuth Server (OAuth 2.0 Server) allows Single Sign-On (SSO) to your client apps with Joomla. It allows you to use Joomla as your OAuth Server and access OAuth API’s. The primary goal of this OAuth server/OAuth Provider plugin is to allow users to interact with Joomla sites without requiring them to store sensitive credentials. This plugin is free to use under the GNU/GPLv3 license. If you wish to use enhanced features, then there is a provision to upgrade as well. There is also a provision to use our services to deploy and configure this plugin.

    It allows you to use Joomla as your OAuth Server and access OAuth APIs
    Supports Multiple OAuth Client
    Supports All Grant Types- Authorization, Implicit, client credential, Resource, refresh token grants.
    It has a complete OAuth server like feature, inbuilt OpenID connect, built in resource server, creating client credentials and connect it to a specific user by using application passwords, Rest API authorization and so on.
    Easy to configure
    OAuth server can be easily configured to protect your API with access tokens or allow clients to obtain new access tokens and refresh them.
    In OAuth Authentication REST API are handled without exposing user credentials.

    Authorization code grant: This code grant is used when there is a need to access the protected resources on behalf of another third-party application.
    Implicit grant: This grant relies on resource owner and registration of redirect URI. In authorization code grant user needs to ask for authorization and access token each time, but here access token is granted for a particular redirect URI provided by the client using a particular browser.
    Client credential grant: This grant type heads towards specific clients, where access token is obtained by the client by only providing client credentials. This grant type is quite confidential.
    Resource owner password credentials grant: This type of grant is used where resource owner has a trust relationship with the client. Just by using username and password, provided by resource owner authorization and authentication can be achieved
    Refresh token grant: Access tokens obtained in OAuth flow eventually expire. In this grant type client can refresh his or her access token.

    Rest API is very much open to interact. Creating posts, getting information of users and much more is readily available. If API is protected by OAuth Server plugin secure access to APIs can be achieved. The token obtained in authentication can be intercepted and used. Protection can be achieved by building custom endpoints and allowing custom authentication.

    OAuth, OAuth API, OAuth login, OAuth Provider, OAuth server, Single Sign-On, SSO, OAuth 2.0

  4. Customized Responsive HTML5 Audio Player

    Customized version of StudioMaisk® Player is the most advanced, most customizable & most beautiful player ever made for CMS Joomla! Customized version of this player is the best choice for Joomla developers who want to make the player design the same as their website design.


    • HTML5 responsive player
    • Modern and really beautiful design
    • Works on any OS and any devices (iOS / iPhone, Android, Mac OS, Windows)
    • Install your brand logotype on player
    • Change player background color
    • Change seek, loaded & buffering bars color
    • Change current time & duration numbers color
    • Change player width in pixels or %
    • Put the download button on all your players
    • Easily embed your player with tags (audio) from direct link
    • Easily embed your player with tags (mp3)audio(/mp3) or (ogg)audio(/ogg) from your audio folder
    • Editors XTD buttons to insert tags (mp3) (ogg) (audio) more faster

    StudioMaisk® with love ♡

  5. Phoca Filter Options

    Phoca Filter Options System plugin is Joomla! CMS plugin which adds the ability to filter parameters in configuration options.

    After installing and enabling the plugin you will be able to filter options of components or Global Configuration.

    See video: